Crafting Beer and Communities

Social Purpose

To create an ecosystem of inspiring ideas amongst agricultural and craft beer industries to better the communities around us.


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Because People Matter

Beer drinkers, breweries and all of our partners are of the shared belief that people matter. As a result we can change lives and improve health.


We (Northern Ale Guide) have set out to partner with Midwest craft breweries, beer enthusiasts and non profit partners to make a difference in the communities we are a part of. Agriculture is essential to the brewing community just as it is for many self sustaining communities around the world. As an effort to enhance the health of people around the world, Northern Ale Guide and the Craft Your Community platform have partnered with Matter, a local non profit based in St. Louis Park. 

Through Matter's unique solution, Farm in a Box, new and used farm equipment is delivered to countries around the world to increase yields, improve water efficiency and decrease child labor. The Farm in a Box initiative spans from equipment sourcing to education in hopes of improving lives of many around the world. Northern Ale Guide and CYC are excited to help Matter increase their impact. Learn more below.


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Northern Ale Guide is just a a couple guys and gals who have a passion  for connecting craft beer drinkers and their favorite (or soon to be favorite) breweries.

At it's founding, the team of University of Minnesota students simply wanted to spread their passion of craft beer through a passport like book. Now approaching its third year, they have an even larger goal, to host some of the largest brewery crawls in the Twin Cities as well as establish new initiative to give back to the community. 



Matter is a movement of people, businesses & organizations who believe they have the power to solve some of the world’s greatest challenges right in their own two hands.

One of the biggest challenges we face today is the lack of access to health. All humankind, regardless of race, income, religion, or sex, can have the same access to a full and healthy life. It is only then that we can create a world where we all matter.




4PSR is a social responsibility (CSR) management and consulting agency dedicated to helping food and beverage companies co-create a greater shared purpose for all to help us move towards solving the world's most challenging problems.